There have been a lot of bad presidents. But there is a legitimate debate on whether Barack Obama is the worst president in modern times. And for good reason.

The polls seem to indicate that Americans are divided over the question:

“America’s first vote on President Barack Obama’s place in history teeters on the edge as some find him a great president – but plenty find him among the worst, a new McClatchy-Marist poll finds.

“As Obama heads toward the exit, almost the exact same number of Americans put him at the top as put him at the bottom: 16 percent said he’ll be remembered as one of the nation’s best presidents; 17 percent called him among the worst chief executives ever.

“The rest are in the middle, with 24 percent calling him above average, 28 percent calling him average and 14 percent saying he was below average.”

And from an economic growth perspective, Obama was one of the worst presidents ever:

“Based on economic growth during presidential terms minus the respective growth in federal debt during their terms, the short answer is, Obama probably is the worst President (economically), at least since WWII. No one else is even close to the debt Obama (& Congress) has created…+$1.8 trillion in just the last 13 months.

“Even worse, when gauging the growth in marketable Treasury debt which now sits at $14.4 trillion.

– 1776–>2007 +$5 trillion (35% of current total)
– 2008–>2016 +$9.4 trillion (65% of current total created in the last nine years).
-The Obama administration and Congress during his 2 terms are presently responsible for creating 56% of all US marketable debt, and will likely be 57%+ by Trump’s inauguration (chart at bottom of article).

So what do you think?


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