It was bad enough the government tried to force eating habits on people with the taxation of soft drinks in the UK in 2016 and taxing of sugary drinks in the US continuing to this day.

Now it seems that researchers in the UK are pushing for a new tax on other sugary items as well. The University of York recently published a study that found that a 20-40% increase in the tax on sugary cereals and soft drinks decreased consumption significantly.

  • A 40 per cent tax reduced the purchase of both unhealthier cereals and sugary soft drinks
  • A 20 per cent tax significantly reduced the sale of cereals, but not of the sweetened drinks
  • If shoppers knew they were being taxed by 20 per cent, purchases of both sets of products fell by around half.

The study also noted that there is a difference in decreased consumption depending on if the consumer is told about the tax or not.

“Our research shows that a tax on sugary drinks and unhealthier breakfast cereals could influence consumer behaviour.

“It also shows the benefit of telling shoppers how much tax they are paying – this seems to act as an additional ‘nudge’ away from some of the unhealthier choices we offered them.

The left has decided that the best way to combat obesity is to tax the hell out of people and then make a big deal about the tax so that people stop buying stuff.

Last time I checked forcing people to do things was the mark of a totalitarian regime, maybe the liberals should lay off the choices people make when it comes to their own bodies.