President Obama lied to the American people on multiple occasions. But a new report from the IRS’s watchdog indicates the Obama Administration purposely lied to the American people. and he used the IRS to push this lie.

Americans who signed up for Obamacare thinking it would be cheaper were misled because it was actually more expensive than what the IRS claimed.

The IRS demanded Americans comply with the new mandate or be hit with fines. They told people they could get insurance plans for $75 a month, but that was a lie. The cost was actually more than doubled at $168 a month.

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration is the one who uncovered this information.

“Many of the nearly 7.5 million taxpayers who receive letters and seek insurance may feel misled if the actual cost of their insurance is much higher than the $75 per month detailed in their notification letter,” the inspector general concluded.

Obama lied to Americans by saying Obamacare was going to be affordable. He lied when he said if people liked their plan they can keep it. False. The Obama administration knew ahead of time insurance plans across the country would be cancelled. Obama promised Americans could keep their doctors. Also a blatant lie.

Obamacare was supposed to be the solution for ALL Americans. But that one is also a lie too. The Obama knew full well what they were doing. They were LYING to us. Thankfully, President Trump is working with Congress to repeal and replace the failed idea that is Obamacare.