After San-Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began the trend of kneeling during the National Anthem during the NFL preshow, the NFL has been in serious trouble ever since.  The Blaze reports that TV partners are on track to lose $500 million due to ratings dropping just from this year.

Just two years ago, it was only Kaepernick kneeling to protest police brutality to black people in the country, but now practically all of the teams in the NFL league have joined the protest and have kneeled or linked arms as a show of solidarity.

President Trump inserted himself into the controversy by tweeting this year that players who kneel should be fired from the team and it is because of the kneeling players that the NFL ratings are doing so poorly.

The Blaze, however, looks to see if that accusation is actually true.  Is it really only because of the kneeling that NFL ratings are down?

“‘According to OutKick the Coverage, the league and its TV partners — CBS, Fox Sports, ESPN and NBC — have already lost hundreds of millions of dollars this season. Ratings have dropped overall by 20 percent since 2015,’ the site reported.”

According to NFL expert Clay Travis, there are other reasons why the ratings have dropped other than the President getting involved in the controversy.

One reason could be because of the end of the one kickoff window in the east on Sundays.  The NFL previously had set kickoff times on Sunday, but now the games played at those times haven’t been the best, while the better games are pushed to Sunday night, Monday night, Thursday night and internationally.

Another reason could simply be that the playing this year just isn’t that good.

“’Put plainly, the NFL is often putting a poor product on the field and NFL fans are choosing to spend their time doing something else,’ said Travis.”

A third reason is that of the two teams in Los Angeles. Travis said that while the NFL may be celebrating its return to the second largest city in the nation, the Rams and the Chargers have brought down television rating in Los Angeles, costing the “league’s TV partners tens of millions of dollars in tenths of rating points by themselves.”

Perhaps if players stopped concerning themselves with political matters and just played the sport they are paid millions of dollars to do, then maybe ratings would go up.

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BY Isabelle Weeks


I am a staff writer for DC Statesman and like to report on current events happening in the Trump administration as well as the political world.