Conservative author Ann Coulter is hopping mad. In a recent interview with Radio Host Howie Carr Coulter countered the left’s calls to abolish ICE by her own calls for abolishment, but for the FBI. She was discussing the controversial FBI Agent Peter Strzok and his affair with coworker Lisa Page. Their anti-Trump text messages have raised complaints of bias as both were working on Russia and campaign 2016 election investigations.

“It’s time to disband the FBI,” Coulter said. “This is not J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI, which was so good that liberals are still hysterical over it.”

“My father was in the bureau for a few years after law school,” she went on. “You not only had to be a lawyer back then in order to be an FBI agent, as I think I’ve told you on your program.

“It wasn’t strictly policy, but J. Edgar Hoover — and of course they were all men — generally preferred Catholics and Mormons on the grounds that they were incorruptible, they were very, very honest and you could trust them. And you didn’t really have a lot of trouble under Hoover and we actually had an enemy in Russia then.”

Well, there you go.