Ann Coulter goes off on another one of her classic rants against the liberal left and she couldn’t have been more right. Ann Coulter said the left has historically always been more violent than the right.

Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Weathermen, Occupy Wall Street, and other violent movements were all spearheaded by the left, the author and conservative columnist said on “Justice” Saturday, reported by Fox News.

“The left is constantly ginning their side up to be violent.”

Liberal speakers are treated with “the utmost respect” at conservative colleges, she said, but not so conservative speakers on liberal campuses, she pointed out.

Coulter was prevented from speaking at the University of California at Berkeley in April when violent protesters made it unsafe for her to appear. Coulter is just one of many conservative speakers who have experienced violent protests on a liberal college campus. The lack of leadership from school administrations is mind-boggling. The schools need to be more aware of their students’ actions in order to prevent these types of unwarranted protests.

The anti-Trump movement called Antifa is only the latest incarnation of left-wing violence, Coulter said. Antifa is an anti-fascist group that protests with violence and promotes anarchist ideals that create chaos in society.

“The country is in a civil war,” Coulter concluded.

“With conviction and an air of condescension the Left so hates Donald Trump and those who support him that they’ve sanctioned the use of violence against them,” Judge Jeanini Pirro explained. “The goal of these haters is to normalize, incite, and mobilize hatred and turn it into violence.”

These leftist groups try to compare their ‘protests’ to those of the Tea Party, back in 2010 and 2012, saying they were spreading hatred and chaos. Coulter shuts that idea down by reminding everyone how Tea Party rallies were filled with conservative families protesting in the park with their children, while also cleaning up after themselves.

Coulter also criticizes local police chiefs who stand by and let these radical protests escalate into violence. The local police need to be able to distinguish between these so-called ‘peaceful’ protests and violent protests.

It is a shame that some of these liberal groups do protest peacefully, and express their constitutional right to free speech in a safe and legal manner. But there are too many radical groups have been given too much leeway, and need to be controlled before more people get hurt.