The protests by kneeling NFL players before their games have divided the country a lot this season. It has caused a lot of uproar from their fans as well.  But one fan decided to take it a step further when they kept seeing the New Orleans Saints players continue to protest, reports The Independent Journalism Review.

Lee Dragna is a season ticket holder who believes players taking a knee for police brutality and racial inequality hindered him from enjoying the Saints games, so he is filing a lawsuit and seeking a refund for his season tickets.

His lawsuit states that he didn’t find the protests entertaining at all:

“Apparently, these players were following the lead of Colin Kaepernick by disrespecting the flag, the Anthem; the USA and those who have served and are serving the USA in our military.”

Dragna said the only game he ever attended was the home opener between the Saints and the New England Patriots on Sept. 17.

The lawsuit stated in reference to that game:

“[The players] refused to take the field, until after the National Anthem. As they entered the field after the National Anthem, they passed directly in front of where the petitioner and his guests were seated. Many of the fans in that area booed and cursed at the Saints players.”

Dragna also stated that he would never have purchased the NFL season tickets for the Saints if he would have known that the players were going to politicize the sport and follow in the way of Colin Kaepernick and be a bunch of whinny babies.

Now, Dragna is requesting a full refund for the tickets and payment of his attorney’s fees.