A Black Lives Matter protest in Philadelphia tore through a kids event and devastated those who were there to celebrate.

Former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell was helping celebrate the city’s park when protesters screamed and accused Rendell of being at fault for the death of David Jones.

“And now you have the ultimate politician who is anti-black,” the activist said, turning towards Rendell. “There is nothing but blood on his hands.”

One of the women at the celebration tried to stop the protesters by calling them out over the microphone. But instead, she got yelled at as well.

“Back up off of me. Back up off of me,” the activist told the woman. “Because a black man was shot, I know you don’t give a damn about that. You and your white privilege.”

The BLM crazies caused the celebration to be moved and parents were forced to take their kids elsewhere.

Check out the unruly protest below.