Fox News host Laura Ingraham reported on Monday that Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies were stopped from entering Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after the fatal massacre on February 14th by Nikolas Cruz, reports The Daily Wire.

She explains that the deputies were not allowed to enter the building without their body cameras turned on, which they did not have.

“The deputies that arrived to the scene of the shooting were told not to enter the school unless their body cameras were turned on,” says Ingraham. “And then we found out that the deputies did not have body cameras, so they did not enter the building or engage the shooter.”

Curiously, law enforcement was also left without radio communication during the shooting, as Ingraham explains. “Police also lost radio communications during the Parkland shooting and our source claims radio communication also went dead during the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting in 2017.”

The Fort Lauderdale airport shooting that took place last year is also located in Broward County.

In addition, EMS teams that arrived on scene were also hindered from entering the building to assist victims in critical need. Fox News reports that those emergency responders were denied access by the commanding agency, the Broward County Sheriff’s office.

The Broward County Sheriff’s office released the following statement in response to some of these allegations.

“There are multiple investigations being conducted in addition to the Stoneman Douglas shooting. Investigators will not be rushed or asked to jump to conclusions. Their investigations are thorough and methodical as they take and compare witness statements and review dozens of incident reports.”

First responders were said to be frustrated while waiting for approval to go inside and would have risked their lives to help those that were injured.

Mike Moser, Fire Administration Division Chief for Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department was on scene that day and says, “It is possible that those that are upset about not being allowed inside, simply do not have all of the information that our law enforcement partners had in making their decision.”

The Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Chief says it is procedure that EMS cannot enter the building until law enforcement clears them to do so. Moser says law enforcement could not initially confirm if Cruz fled the scene or was deceased, which made it too dangerous to let EMS inside.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating all actions by the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, which hopefully will provide more insight on the timeline of events that took place on that fateful day.

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BY Kate Clark


Kate is a staff writer for DC Statesman.