Fox News contributor Allen West has finally said his peace on Colin Kaepernick. And it is epic:

“Here’s the bottom line: Colin Kaepernick utilized his freedom of speech and expression — stupidly — in protest against our national anthem. That is his right, but guess what my tender cupcake leftist social justice warriors, there are consequences.

If Colin Kaepernick wants to make politicized statements he is free to do so. And NFL teams also have a freedom, not to hire him! You delusional leftists seem to believe we have to put up with your insidious proclamations and actions. We do not.

Can y’all be so intellectually challenged to believe that you get to say and do whatever you wish, and all others must accommodate and acquiesce to your whims? That is reflective of the childlike immature manner in which you live your lives. You throw a tantrum in public and expect not to get spanked.”

Liberals don’t want to hear any of this, yet it is the medicine they need to swallow. Allen West speaks volumes and shuts down any credibility Kapernick had left. West criticized the NFL dropout for taking away the meaning that the sport of football plays in many peoples’ lives.

“You leftists have pretty much screwed up everything from our healthcare to North Korea … doggone, leave football the hell alone!”

Allen West speaks for all of us in standing up against the behavior of an entitled millionaire.