Since the horrific Texas church shooting last week that killed 26 people, liberals have been blaming God and mocking prayer for the incident. Allen West, Christian novelist and Fox News contributor, took down the liberals and their anti-gun, anti-God rhetoric.

West opens his story by recalling a previous conversation he had with a close friend whose daughter was battling a mental health issue.  His friend became angry and renounced his religion by turning atheist.

West states that God isn’t a being that is only supposed to make sure that we’re happy, but that he created a world where people aren’t perfect but live in His image.  There are also evils in the world that can sway human’s decisions:

“’It appears there’s some confusion about who God is and the part He plays in our lives. If we are to believe that God is some fun hunky- dory entity that exists only to make sure we’re happy, we’ve missed the mark. God is our Heavenly Father and Creator of this universe, from whom our unalienable rights emanate: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,’ said West.”

Instead of blaming God, West blames mankind and our disconnection with God’s “perfect will.”

“’We are not promised a rose garden here on Earth, but we can have, and find a lasting and inner peace, and an eternal salvation if we allow God, through the saving grace of Jesus Christ, to come into our lives. Yes, God’s perfect will and design was to have a world free of cancer and warfare, but our permissive will confronts God’s true heart’s desire, and actually our own,’ said West.”

The shooter obtained the gun through no fault of God, but by fault of a faulty background check system.

“‘It’s wrong to presume God sent evil to kill the people in Sutherland Springs, Texas and that He has let the world down. One then could make the argument that God sent the NRA-certified firearms instructor to confront evil,’ said West.”

All in all, liberals need to stop blaming God and focus on their own connection with God to be able to live in a peaceful world.

“‘Let’s stop believing that God exists only to make our way easy and smooth. God exists to reconcile us to Him, and grow our faith. Yes, there is evil in this world, but there is also a place where we can find an inner respite from this craziness and turmoil. That is why the response of the folks in Sutherland Springs, Texas is so very confounding to secular humanists. God’s way is confusing to those who know Him not,’ said West.”