Former Rep. Lt. Col. Allen West, R-Fla., revealed that he’s getting back into politics, announcing in a radio interview Tuesday that he will likely run for Congress again in 2020.

West was interviewed on the “Brian Kilmeade Show,” guest hosted by Monica Crowley. Asked if he would ever run again, West said, “Yes, Monica, you’re probably going to see me get back in there after this election cycle.”

“So a lot of people are pressuring me to do that, a lot of folks in Texas encouraging me to do that so we will probably make that happen,” West added.

Conservative Review had more to report on the story:

“West formerly represented Florida’s 22nd Congressional District before he was defeated in the 2012 election, losing to Democrat Patrick Murphy.

He recently was interviewed at length by LevinTV host Mark Levin on his Fox News program, ‘Life, Liberty & Levin,’ in which they discussed the potential disaster facing the Democratic Party as it moves further to the socialist Left.”

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