After news broke that FBI agents had broken into the hotel room and office of Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano went on Fox & Friends on Tuesday and said that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should have never even accepted the job in the first place, reports The Daily Caller.

The reason Napolitano is attacking Jeff Sessions is that he is the one who has made this mess happen in the first place. It was Sessions who recused himself from the Russia collusion investigation and appointed Robert Mueller to be the special counsel looking into Trump and his campaign.

If Sessions was still in charge of this investigation then this attack on Cohen and the invasion of his privacy might not have happened either.

Napolitano said the government raided Cohen’s office looking for evidence of bank fraud and believes it would never have escalated to this point if Sessions had made different choices.

“[Sessions] should have never accepted the appointment,” Napolitano said. “The Russia investigation started in October of 2016 and he knew he was going to be a witness. But if he felt he had to recuse himself — Mr. President you are entitled to an attorney general in whom have you great confidence. I’m not sure if I’m the guy if I recuse myself. Half of what the DOJ does, I will have nothing to do with.”

Napolitano said Sessions is “too tentative” and lacks the demeanor and faculties to be an effective attorney general.

“The last time I was here last Thursday the president was ranting and raving about the DOJ. And quite properly so, about the DOJ not complying with subpoenas from a Republican Congress,” Napolitano concluded. “The DOJ lacks the stern management and strong will that a strong attorney general should bring because Sessions is too tentative.”

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BY Isabelle Weeks


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