Most of America has been appalled at the recent calls by the left to ban U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). But liberals are not satisfied with that rallying cry. The next big push is to declare that the United States is ‘stolen land.’

And this is not just the radical fringe. Take for example this clip from Jennifer Falcon, Communications Director for The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES). They’re an organization dedicated to reuniting illegal immigrant children with their parents. They also believe the United States is stolen land.

Falcon said in this interview, “I would say that no human is illegal on stolen land.”

And here is Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison posing for a picture with a sign about stolen land:

Also, here’s a video of him wearing a shirt that translates to “I don’t believe in borders.”

Here’s the whole transcript:

ANCHOR: “Now the president this week has said that immigrants shouldn’t get due process. He wrote in a statement that, quote, tell the — tell the people out, they must leave, just as they would if they were standing on your front lawn. This is of course on his Twitter feed. What is your response to the president’s harsh tone as it relates to immigrants that are coming over the border illegally?”

FALCON: “I think as a native American woman and mother, I would say that no human is illegal on stolen land, and I also think that the president is breaking international and domestic laws by denying asylum seekers the right to submit a reasonable claim.”