After many advertisers went after Fox News after Laura Ingraham called out hypocrisy in the anti-gun debate, Proactiv, the acne treatment company, pulled their advertisements from MSNBC programming after one of their anchors slammed pro-gun Parkland teenager Kyle Kashuv, reports Law & Crime.

Kurt Eichenwald is a senior writer at Newsweek and said in a since-deleted tweet about the student Kashuv: “Kyle…you continue to disappoint. Trafficking in fantasies, fine. Your followers are infantile, your only form of debate is insult. And you wonder why I have no respect for you.”

Eichenwald attempted to call out Kashuv in harsh and dramatic tones and terminology, which turns out people and advertisers didn’t like either.

In response, Kashuv called for an advertiser campaign boycott aimed at MSNBC–apparently an indirect jab to schoolmate David Hogg who attempted his own boycott but aimed at Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham.

Many of Kashuv’s followers dutifully complied with the request and began to direct their outrage at various MSNBC advertisers while also highlighting the Kashuv-Eichenwald interaction.

Proactiv quickly got the memo and announced, in a series of tweets posted late Friday afternoon:

“We are aware of this incident and have pulled our ads from the network as a result. We are working diligently with our media partner to get them removed as quickly as possible. Thank you.”

Eichenwald eventually apologized to Kashuv–and Kashuv accepted. Eichenwald then moved to try to stop Proactiv from pulling the plug on MSNBC–seemingly to no avail, at least as of this writing.

The conservative media outlet Twitchy pointed out one other major issue with the MSNBC boycott campaign. Eichenwald stopped contributing to the network just last month.

NBC Universal released a statement in response to the boycott and advertiser loss, noting, “Kurt Eichenwald is not associated with MSNBC and has not been an MSNBC contributor since February 2018.”

Eichenwald claims he simply forgot to delete the reference to his former job from his Twitter bio.

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