During Tucker Carlson’s opening statements on Wednesday, he pointed out the fact that no one, especially in the liberal media, is acknowledging about the student walkouts that happened on Wednesday over the Parkland, Florida shooting and to advocate for more gun control legislation.

Carlson reveals all of the advocacy groups and Democrat politicians who helped and in some cases funded students to be able to walk out of their classes on Sunday and travel to state capitols to protest gun violence.

Carlson points out how disgusting it is the Democratic lobby’s and advocacy groups like the Women’s March network are manipulating and using these children as a pawn to gain in their political capital.

Carlson said that, by definition, students are mostly minors and therefore cannot legitimately act without the behest of a teacher or administrator.

He asked Igor Volsky of Guns Down America if teachers asked students to join a “march for biology” in opposition to transgender bathroom laws, like the one that was presented in North Carolina.

“I love to see students out there engaging in the democratic process,” Volsky said.

Carlson said Volsky wasn’t addressing the question, adding that by law they cannot vote until they are 18: “They’re not actually in the democratic process.”

He asked why kids should be able to tout gun control measures and other public policy without actually being able to purchase the item they are seeking to regulate.

“They’ve experienced these bullets,” Volsky said. “They buried their classmates.”

Carlson reiterated his earlier question, alleging that Volsky would “freak out” if teachers bussed their students to a rally in support of something the left doesn’t support.

He gave the example of students being taken to a speech by libertarian commentator and free speech activist Milo Yiannopoulos.

“You’re engaging in the classic moral blackmail of the left,” Carlson said, adding that such a strategy usually involves “pointing to children” as a way of getting one’s point across. While Carlson was trying to use reason to look at this debate, the liberals like Volsky would rather use these moral blackmail tactics to get their desired effect, which is shameful and the use of children as pawns in a political game should be stopped.

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BY Isabelle Weeks


I am a staff writer for DC Statesman and like to report on current events happening in the Trump administration as well as the political world.