CNN’s whiny fake news reporter Jim Acosta claimed White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders snubbed him at Monday’s press briefing for the third time in a row and then proceeds to call her out on twitter for “courage,” to which she responds back brilliantly, reports Fox News.

“Sarah, this is the third press briefing you have not taken a question from CNN,” Acosta shouted toward Sanders as she left the briefing Monday. “Do you expect the Justice Department to enforce all subpoenas, Sarah?”

CNN’s senior White House reporter followed up with this snub by doing the mature thing and going to Twitter to voice his feelings about how Sanders was simply doing her job.

In response, Sanders slammed the CNN White House correspondent’s definition of “courage,” claiming it’s not “taking ‘a question from CNN’” but rather it’s the kind of work that the brave combat veterans that Sanders had speak at that briefing had done their entire lives.

John Peck and Liam Dwyer, both retired Marine Corps sergeants, sat near the podium in their wheelchairs Monday as Sanders touted the Trump administration’s efforts to restore “accountability” to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Acosta had something to say about the veterans too, claiming that he wished Sanders “had given them time to take our questions too.

This is just another one of Acosta’s spats with the White House press secretary that he has steadily been raking up over the months.

In December, Sanders told Acosta she wouldn’t take any more questions from him after he said that just because journalists make “honest mistakes” it doesn’t make them “fake news.”

And in January, Acosta was scolded by Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney following the CNN reporter’s question about a looming government “Schumer Shutdown” — which Mulvaney said Acosta knew the answer to “as well as anybody.”

President Trump later thanked “Crazy Acosta of Fake News CNN” for seemingly acknowledging the government shutdown was a win for the Trump White House.

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