One of the only conservative actors in Hollywood, James Woods, just took on one of the biggest liberals in Hollywood. James Woods slammed George Takei by telling them what the NRA actually does and how it is helping Americans, reports CNS News.

George Takei is an actor who is most known for his roles on Star Trek, but has also become a sounding board for liberal ideas and likes to perpetuates blatant falsehoods about the National Rifle Association.

On Friday, Takei tweeted that the NRA is cashing by selling guns:

“The NRA sells guns to Americans, then when those guns get used for the purpose for which they were designed, the NRA sells Americans ways to fortify against the effects of those guns. Quite a racket they have going.”

The topic of guns and the NRA in generally has entered the national spotlight again after the deadly attack on High School students in Parkland, Florida when a 19-year-old former student of the school came in and killed 17 people with a gun he had legally obtained.

Liberals everywhere have been attacking the NRA and conservative lawmakers who support the NRA and the second amendment, accusing them of being complicit in the deadly massacre and essentially responsible for it.

But conservative actor and activist James Wood wasn’t going to allow Takei to just allow this spread of misinformation about the NRA go unchecked.

“This statement is a blatant falsehood. The @NRA does not sell guns,” Woods said.

As of the publication of this post, Takei has neither deleted, not corrected, his Twitter claim.

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BY Isabelle Weeks


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