Melissa Ohden

Melissa Ohden is a pro-life activist and abortion survivor. By all accounts, she should not even be alive. But now she is speaking out about her upbringing and the dangers of abortion. She recently published a memoir, You Carried Me, about growing up in an adoptive family and learning about her miraculous survivor.

Ohden often speaks on college campuses about her experiences. You would think someone who has been through so much would be treated with respect from both liberals and conservatives, but you would be wrong:

“When she spoke at Eureka College recently, opposing students had already torn down the flyers promoting her talk. This is a common occurrence, Ohden told The College Fix: “Most things happen to the students in the pro-life groups prior to me arriving.”

“Even more frequently, opposing students will try to get the student group sponsoring her shut down, as happened when she visited a Canadian college, said Ohden, who graduated from Buena Vista University and got a graduate degree at the University of Iowa.”

She also told a story about being attacked by feminists:

“It was probably about 2008. A group of feminists, women from the campus, were busy making themselves known throughout the time that I was speaking. I was not only sharing my story, but talking about feminist history. They were trying to be disruptive and I wouldn’t respond, and then at some point they all kind of got up and did a mass exit together, thinking that was going to disrupt me. And it didn’t.

“I let them go, and it makes a great conversation later because as they were exiting, they started clapping their hands and they said, ‘Oh, well bravo! What a nice performance. You know this isn’t real, don’t you?’”

You can her her story here: