Turning Pont USA communications director Candace Owens indicated in a recent interview that the Democratic Party is about to see a “major exit” by black voters in the 2020 election. She predicted that black men and women will be the “most relevant vote” in the U.S. by the election thanks to African-Americans hearing “different ideas” via social and digital media.

“There is going to be a major black exit from the Democrat Party and they are going to actually have to actually compete for their votes in 2020,” Owens said on Fox, in the video above.

Owens also said that President Trump was 100% correct when he told black voters in 2016 that he had “nothing to lose” by supporting him. She said that Turning Point USA will soon be announcing a major new initiative to reach out to urban voters in the coming weeks.

Fox News has more:

“She also reacted to a letter in which Black Women Leaders and Allies blasted Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi for their “failure to protect” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) against attacks by Trump and his allies.

“Waters drew the ire of Republicans last week when she called for her supporters to confront Trump administration officials in public. Owens said Waters deserved criticism and condemnation and this letter represents her supporters “playing the black card.”

“‘The left created the black card and now they have to see what happens when you do something like this, when you say that a black woman cannot be criticized whatsoever despite what she does,’ said Owens, blasting Waters for “inspiring hatred” against the president and his supporters.”